Get to Know the 5 Advantages of Maybelline Fit Me Foundation for Light Yellow Skin with Oily Type

Bright yellow skin is one of the tones that many Indonesian women have. Light yellow skin usually tends to be bright with a warm undertone. To create a fresh and flawless look, Marshalova will probably love this Maybelline Fit Me Foundation product for bright yellow skin.

This foundie color that tends to be warm and soft will not make your face look pale. Usually, the type of shades that are most suitable for light yellow skin color is ivory or light shade. While choosing a concealer, you can choose a shade with a color one to two levels brighter than the color of your skin and foundation. 

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Advantages of Maybelline Fit Me! Foundation

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation for pale yellow skin

Let’s go together with Marsha, let’s see here what are the advantages of Maybelline Fit Me foundation products! this one

Suitable for Oily Skin

For oily skin types, this foundie is a fitting choice. The question of quality does not need to be asked again, because this foundation is equipped with a microfine formula that does not clog pores and control sebum, so your face will not look shiny. In addition, the content is non-comedogenic so it is suitable for acne-prone skin though. 

Disguises the pores

The size of the pores that are too large can reduce a person’s self-confidence. Makeup results will not be maximum if the pores are clearly visible. For that, you need Maybelline Fit Me Foundation because its ability to disguise pores is beyond doubt. The face will look smoother with the use of this Maybelline foundation. 

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Long Lasting and Suitable for Daily Makeup

Although it has a good ability to disguise the pores, but the formula still feels light on the skin, so it is suitable for your daily makeup. Moreover, the coverage level is light to medium coverage. 

In addition to being light on the skin, this foundation is also long lasting. Its ability to control sebum for up to 12 hours, so you can be free to be active without fear of the face will be shiny and cakey. 

The shade is suitable for light yellow skin

Maybelline Fit Me Poreless Foundation consists of various color options that you can adjust to your skin tone. Shade Maybelline Fit Me Foundation for light yellow skin is ivory to make the look more fresh and flawless. 

As for medium skin, you can try a warm nude shade. The shade is neither too bright nor too dark. For slightly darker skin tones with a yellow undertone, a soft tan shade can be an option. 

In addition to the three shades above, there are still some other shades that you can adjust to your skin color, such as classic ivory, nude beige, sandy beige, and many more. Before choosing it, you should first know your skin tone and undertone so that the color is right, yes. 

Contains SPF to Protect Skin From Sunlight

The last advantage of this foundie is that it contains SPF 22 which protects your skin from UV rays when active outdoors. Despite the SPF content, the result of this foundation is not cakey, you know. Thanks to this SPF content, the signs of aging due to excessive sun exposure can be reduced. 

So, this foundation can be really for Marshalova whose skin type tends to be oily and acne. With its fairly high level of coverage, stains on the face can be disguised as well!