Cheap Health Insurance in Florida

Are you looking for affordable health insurance plans in Florida prior to the Open Enrollment Period in 2021 for Marketplace coverage for 2022 starts? Let us look at the process of health insurance in Florida and explain the benefits of health insurance as well as what it does not cover and the top companies that offer low-cost insurance plans. Learn from Benzinga’s guides to the ins and outs about Florida health insurance. You can also review the details of each provider below.


Top 5 Health Insurance Companies in Florida

Let’s look at the best companies of affordable health insurance in Florida.


1. Aetna Health Insurance Florida

Aetna is among the most cost-effective health insurance companies in Florida and provides low-cost individual plans, family plans and business choices.


Aetna-approved health plans are available starting at just one hundred dollars per month. This this makes Aetna an option among most affordable options for Cheap health insurance in florida for those working on a tight budget. Are you eligible in Medicare and Medicaid?


Aetna also has special low-cost plans to you, and also offers student health plans in the event that you are enrolled in either a four or two-year university.


2. Humana Health Insurance Florida

Humana provides plans for both HMO as well as POS programs in Florida at affordable rates.


Plans offered by Humana are among the lowest plans for those over the age of 45.


Some of the most affordable Humana plans also offer home health services, which is which is a rarity in the ACA-required coverage. Medicare Plans are offered to those who meet the requirements.


3. Florida Blue Health Insurance

Florida Blue is a subsidiary of Blue Cross, a nationwide health insurance provider. Florida Blue offers PPO plans that give you the greatest freedom to select your doctor as well as health care service providers.


  1. This is a good option in the case of chronic illness or have a long-standing relationship with your health care provider, but don’t want to be treated by the same doctor.
  2. Florida Blue offers subsidiaries to aid you in reducing costs for health insurance for those who live on an income that is fixed.
  3. Florida Blue’s ACA-compliant plans offer free preventive health services such as mammograms, vaccinations, and physicals.


4. Cigna Health Insurance Florida

Cigna’s health insurance plans are reasonably priced and offer the full range of ACA-compliant benefits. About 4/5 of those who opt for the Cigna plan can qualify for a federal subsidy to reduce the cost of their insurance.


Cigna plans offer free preventive services that costs nothing for medically required vaccinations health screenings, health checks and even some prescription drugs for prevention.


There are discounts available on fitness memberships, health clubs and other amenities to help keep your fitness levels up.


5. Pivot Health Insurance Florida

Uninsured and in Florida? Are you unsure about purchasing an ACA plan or require coverage between enrollment times. An insurance plan for short durations like a health policy offered by Pivot Health may be your solution.


If you’re looking for an insurance policy for short-term use There are pros and pros and. One of the major advantages is affordable Many temporary plans offer lower premiums than regular insurance. But this kind of insurance isn’t ACA-compliant. This means the plans could offer lower coverage, lesser benefits and less annual limits.


If you have lost your job or benefits, or you recently retired and are experiencing gaps between the time you retire with having Medicare insurance, this kind of plan could be an ideal option for you. This is also true for recently Florida transferees from another state or young adults whose parental coverage has ended recently, and so on. Before purchasing the insurance, there are certain aspects to take into consideration in the case of temporary health insurance coverage in Florida.


  1. The terms of short-term policies can vary between 30 and 364 day in Sunshine Stat
  2. You can extend your plan for up to 36 months
  3. You can purchase anytime — there are no enrollment timeframe.
  4. Through Pivot Health, you can receive coverage as early as the next day following having applied
  5. No network limitations