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FINRA Systems

The first step to getting started on an application residing on the FINRA Entitlement platform is setting up a User Account via a process called Entitlement. The Entitlement Process encompasses FINRA systems on the FINRA Entitlement platform that FINRA owns and operates as a private sector regulator and systems that FINRA operates on behalf of other regulators. Becoming entitled grants your firm access to one or more of the following secure systems residing on the FINRA Entitlement platform:

Information on a System/Application: Login to a System/Application:
2711 - Annual Attestation of Compliance
Compliance Vendor Directory (CVD)
DR Portal
Financial Industry Networking Directory (FIND)
Financial Professional Gateway (FinPro) 
FINRA Contact System (FCS)
Funding Portal Registration Depository (FPRD)
Information Requests
Online Arbitrator Application Form
Public Offering System
Register a New Broker Dealer Firm (New Member Application)
Regulation Filing Applications
Report Center
Surveillance FINRA and SEC use only
Test Enrollment Services System (TESS)
Uniform Practice Code (UPC)