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FINRA is committed to building an inclusive culture. This means taking the time to appreciate and respect each other's differences, including recognizing the full spectrum of gender diversity—particularly non-binary and transgender identities. Traditionally we ascribe gender-specific pronouns to identify others, i.e., “he” for men/boys and “she” for women/girls, based on their appearance or other observable characteristics. While these pronouns are used by many people, arbitrarily assigning binary pronouns excludes those with nonbinary gender identities and can lead to false assumptions about any person’s gender identity.

Respecting a person’s pronouns, including gender-neutral pronouns, e.g. they/them/theirs or ze/hir/hirs, avoiding assumptions about others’ genders, and providing opportunities to self-identify, are of vital importance as we continue to build a more inclusive workplace at FINRA. The following statement from the Human Rights Campaign captures the spirit of what we hope to achieve:

"Using a person’s chosen name and desired pronouns is a form of mutual respect and basic courtesy. Everyone deserves to have their self-ascribed name and pronouns respected in the workplace."

In addition to respecting others’ pronouns, FINRA employees may choose to include personal pronouns in their email signatures and Zoom profiles, when introducing themselves, etc. This practice is one way to signify a safe space that invites others to self-identify as well. The decision to provide these details, however, is a personal one, and we respect everyone’s choice whether to do so or not.

At FINRA, we aim to affirm a sense of belonging for all employees and help ensure that we are mindful of addressing colleagues as they are.

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