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National Adjudicatory Council

The National Adjudicatory Council (NAC) is a FINRA committee that reviews initial decisions rendered in FINRA disciplinary and membership proceedings. While a decision is on appeal, the sanction is not actively enforced against the firm or individual. The NAC may affirm, dismiss, modify, or reverse any finding, or remand for further proceedings. The NAC may affirm, modify, reverse, increase, or reduce any sanction or impose any other fitting sanction.

Unless FINRA's Board of Governors decides to review the NAC's appellate decision, the NAC's decision represents FINRA's final action. A firm or individual can appeal FINRA's decision to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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Date of Decision Proceeding No. Title Type
May 20, 2014 2010021621201 Michael Pino Disciplinary Decision
May 14, 2014 2011025674101 Shlomi S. Eplboim Disciplinary Decision
May 09, 2014 2010023349601 APPEALED: Denise M. Olson Disciplinary Decision
May 07, 2014 SD-1757, SD-1758, & SD-1896 UBS Financial Services, Inc., and UBS Securities, LLC Statutory Disqualification, Approvals
May 02, 2014 2008012925001 APPEALED: The Dratel Group, Inc. and William M. Dratel Disciplinary Decision
April 24, 2014 2011029760201 Charles Schwab & Company, Inc. Disciplinary Decision
March 27, 2014 SD-1975 Patrick Dukette Statutory Disqualification, Approvals
March 05, 2014 2009017527501 Steven R. Tomlinson Disciplinary Decision
February 25, 2014 2011025643201 Ronald E. Walblay Disciplinary Decision
February 21, 2014 2011029152401 William Bruce Smith Disciplinary Decision
February 20, 2014 2009018076101 Blair Alexander West Disciplinary Decision
February 19, 2014 SD-1812 Mitchell T. Toland Statutory Disqualification, Denials
January 31, 2014 SD-1794 RBC Capital Markets, LLC Statutory Disqualification
January 16, 2014 SD-1750 Joseph Popp Statutory Disqualification
December 31, 2013 2009016764901 Robert Durant Tucker Disciplinary Decision
December 31, 2013 2009018771602 Robert H. Watkins Disciplinary Decision
December 26, 2013 20070082049 Robert Marcus Lane and Jeffrey G. Lane Disciplinary Decision
December 17, 2013 2006005259801 John Joseph Plunkett Disciplinary Decision
December 17, 2013 2008016437801 Hugh Vincent Murray III Disciplinary Decision
October 02, 2013 2008011762801 Mitchell H. Fillet Disciplinary Decision
October 01, 2013 2007010902501 Jeffrey B. Pierce Disciplinary Decision
July 25, 2013 20060053785-02 Robert N. Drake Disciplinary Decision
April 26, 2013 2008015934801 Alan Jay Davidofsky Disciplinary Decision
April 24, 2013 2009019369302 Jeff Ng Disciplinary Decision
March 04, 2013 2009017439601 Timothy Joseph Golonka Disciplinary Decision