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Podcasts: FINRA Unscripted

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FINRA Enforcement works tirelessly on the front lines of investor protection, and this tremendous undertaking demands steadfast leadership. On this episode of FINRA Unscripted, we are reintroduced to Bill St. Louis, FINRA's new Executive Vice President and Head of Enforcement, to learn more about what's on the horizon for Enforcement in the new year.
On this episode, we delve into the results of FINRA's targeted review of certain member firms and their communications to retail investors regarding crypto products and services.
As a self-regulatory organization, information sharing is key to FINRA's pursuit of its mission of investor protection and market integrity, and no single resource is a better example of that than FINRA's Annual Regulatory Oversight Report. On this episode, we hear from four leaders within FINRA's Member Supervision department to discuss highlights from the 2024 report.
Succession planning is important not just for customers and representatives but can even be a matter of life or death when it comes to the continued existence of a firm. On this episode, we hear how and why firms should plan for the expected and unexpected in life.
The small firm community, those firms with 150 or fewer registered financial professionals came together in October to discuss and engage on key areas of concern at the Small Firm Conference. On this episode, we go behind the scenes of this year's event to share with you the fireside chat between FINRA CEO Robert Cook and FINRA's Head of Member Relations, Kayte Toczylowski.
In a recent nationally representative survey, more than 1,000 adults shared what worries them most in their lives. On this episode, we sit down with the head of the FINRA Investor Education Foundation to discuss the recent survey and its findings, while also providing tips and resources to help make money a little less spooky.
The 2023 FINRA Foundation Ketchum Prize recipient has dedicated his life to understanding what makes someone susceptible to fraud—and pioneering ways to fight it. On this episode, we hear from Dr. Doug Shadel to hear about his research and years of working as one of America's most active fraud fighters.
FINRA oversees a diverse set of broker-dealer firms that make up a vibrant securities industry. Every registered firm at one time or another must engage with FINRA's Membership Application Program, or MAP. In this episode, we learn more about MAP and some of the recent and ongoing enhancements to the program.
In this third and final episode in our series covering FINRA's ongoing crypto asset regulatory work, we hear from FINRA's Blockchain Lab, which serves as a central point within FINRA for the development of blockchain-related regulatory initiatives to learn about how the Lab is supporting and advancing FINRA's regulatory work involving crypto assets.
In this second episode of a three-part series covering FINRA's crypto asset-related regulatory work, we hear from FINRA's Crypto Asset Investigations Team. This dedicated group of investigators specialize in conducting complex crypto asset investigations and share more about the crucial role it plays in ensuring compliance with existing rules and regulations in the crypto asset space.