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FINRA 101 is a video series that dives into who we are and the financial education we provide to the public. The series will cover topics such as how to spot a romance scam to the origins of FINRA and how we operate.

Firms, investor advocates and regulatory organizations are welcome to leverage these videos on their websites or via social media. Visit the YouTube link below each video for embed codes and other options for sharing.


What is FINRA?

You asked. We answered. What is FINRA? At FINRA, we protect investors and safeguard the integrity of the securities markets. Learn more about us.


FINRA Securities Helpline for Seniors

We view the protection of senior investors as a top priority. If you are a senior investor with questions about your investment accounts, call our Securities Helpline for Seniors (844-57-HELPS). Learn more.


What is a Trusted Contact?

A trusted contact is a person you authorize your financial firm to contact in limited circumstances. They might be a family member, attorney or another third-party whom you think would respect your privacy and know how to handle the responsibility. Learn more about adding a trusted contact.


How to Spot a “Regulator” Imposter Scam

While FINRA will never ask you for money, there are scammers who might try to convince you otherwise. These financial fraudsters are posing as regulators, requesting fees to transfer funds or offering bogus investment “guarantees” that will serve only to separate you from your savings. Learn what to look out for and find out more.