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Financial Industry Networking Directory (FIND)


Connecting Individuals With Opportunities in the Financial Services Industry

The Financial Industry Networking Directory (FIND)™ is a new FINRA service that looks to connect individuals with financial services firms that are recruiting for full-time employment and internship positions. Learn more below about how you can join and benefit from FIND.


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  • Declare your interest in the financial industry while studying and sitting for the SIE exam. 
  • Market yourself for job opportunities, including companies and positions that you may not have considered in your search.
  • Enhance your profile with additional optional information, including position and geographic preferences.
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  • Access an industry-ready applicant pool: individuals are preparing for, or in many cases have already completed, one key requirement in a career in the securities industry—the SIE exam.
  • Target candidates intelligently: communicate positions that match professional and geographic interests.
  • Enhance campus recruiting: build lists of candidates organized by school and location.
  • Benefit from FINRA’s outreach: FIND serves as a conduit to a wider and more diverse population of undergraduate and graduate students than have historically entered the industry.

How Does It Work?


Eligible individuals can opt in to FIND through the Test Enrollment Services System (TESS)™.

Participants can share as much or as little information as they like with recruiting firms, including education, position types and geographic preferences.



Firms that want to use FIND should contact FINRA. Our support team will help you experience the full benefits of this service.

Participating firms can use FIND data to discover and contact candidates whose profiles match the firm’s needs.

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  • Phone: (240) 386-4040

Note: There is no guarantee that participating in FIND will directly lead to finding a matching individual or position.