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Fast Account Switching

The Fast Account Switching capability provides a better way for firm users to log into the FINRA Gateway and other applications. Launched on July 31, 2023, this capability allows individuals with multiple firm entitlement accounts to quickly switch between these accounts without re-entering their password. This saves time and creates efficiency for thousands of individuals who work on behalf of more than one organization and have multiple login credentials. 

Previously, users had to log in and out of FINRA systems to conduct business on behalf of multiple broker-dealers and investment advisers. Now, users of FINRA Gateway and other FINRA Entitlement Program applications have the ability to remember their logins and switch between accounts without entering a password every time.

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Fast Account Switching Features 

  • Enhanced login experience allowing the individual to Remember the Account.
  • The capability is tied to the user’s web browser. Leveraging a different computer, browser or clearing cookies will require the individual to remember the accounts again. 
  • Users have the ability to Forget an Account or all accounts from the login screen. 

How Does Fast Account Switching Work?

Here are some simple step-by-step instructions on how to use the capability:

  • On the FINRA Gateway login page, enter your username and password as usual. You’ll be prompted to “remember this account.” Select the “remember each account in browser” option and then click sign in. This automatically saves the account login. Repeat this action for each account you log into. The system creates a list of these accounts.
  • When you are ready to switch accounts, click your initials found on the top right of the screen and select the “manage logins” option.
  • A screen opens with a list of your “saved” accounts. Select the one you want.

See Section 4.1: How to Create/Update/Access Fast Account Switching Logins in the FINRA Entitlement Program: Entitlement Reference Guide for detailed instructions and screenshots.

Functionality FAQ 

1. Can I use Fast Account Switching with FinPro or other non-firm entitlement accounts? 

Today the Fast Account Switching capability is limited to those accounts for Firm accounts (accounts managed through the SAA/AA processes).  Both accounts for broker-dealer firms and investment advisor firms are eligible to use the new capability. 

2. How many accounts can be remembered?  

There is a limit of 20 accounts that can be remembered on a user’s browser. 

3. What should I remind my users about this capability?  

It is important to be mindful of which account is being used.  Just as when users have multiple web browser sessions open, it is critical that you don’t submit information under the wrong account.  The FINRA Gateway and login process has been updated to highlight which user account (and the associated firm for that account). 

4. Can I prevent a user at my organization or my organization from using the Fast Account Capability? 

No, this capability is available to all eligible users. 

5. Why does Fast Account Switching keep asking me for my password, I thought I did not have to enter one when I switch? 

There are several reasons this could happen. First it is important to understand that users will be required to log into one of their accounts before fast account switching is available.  So if the session becomes inactive for 30 minutes, the user will need to log into one of the remembered accounts. 

It is also possible that instead of using the “Manage Log Ins” option, the “Log Out” option was selected.  When a user is logged out, they will have to log in. 

Lastly, if an account requires a password change (or is locked out), the user will not be able to just switch to that account. 

6. I am an Account Administrator (SAA or AA), how does this impact multi-factor authentication (Duo)? 

There is no change with the introduction of Fast Account Switching.  If an account being used requires a 2nd level authentication (push to device or entered pin), the users will be promoted despite not entering a password.  The logic for frequency of multi-factor challenge has not changed.