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About the FINRA Institute at Georgetown CRCP Program

1. What is the preferred order for completing the program?

It is recommended to complete Week I before taking Week II because the second week’s curriculum builds on the first week.

2. Does the program need to be completed within a specified timeframe?

Coursework must be completed within two consecutive calendar years, but you can complete the program in the same calendar year if you want. Extensions beyond two years may be granted – requests should be submitted via email.

3. Are there any prerequisites for the CRCP program?

There are no prerequisites, but pre-coursework must be completed.

4. How much does the program cost?

Please visit our program cost page for more information. Fees include tuition, materials, and room and board at Georgetown’s University Campus.

5. How do I enroll in the CRCP program?

Visit to register online. Payment is due at the time of registration. The program is filled on a first-come, first-served basis with a maximum class size of 65 people.

6. How do I access the pre-course materials?

Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business staff sends a materials web page link to Week I and II participants about 6-8 weeks in advance of each weeklong course.

7. How much time is needed to complete the pre-course reading?

It takes approximately 20-30 hours to complete the pre-reading for each weeklong course.

8. Will I need to take a test?

Yes, there is an assessment at the end of each weeklong course that participants need to pass to complete the course.

9. What happens if I fail the assessment? Do I have to take the course over?

It is not necessary to repeat the course, but you will need to retake and pass the assessment. All participants must pass Week I and Week II assessments before receiving a completion certificate.

10. Is there a Continuing Education (CE) requirement after completing the program?

Yes, CRCP designees are required to complete 12 hours of CE every three years as of their certificate anniversary award date. You can choose your CRCP CE credits from FINRA-developed conferences and compliance meetings, e-learning, online workshops, webinars and webcasts. Learn more about the CE requirement and qualifying credits.

11. What is the CRCP Small Firm Scholarship?

FINRA offers a small firm scholarship program for firms with 150 or fewer registered representatives. Each year, the scholarship is awarded to five industry professionals from small firms and it covers the full tuition and room and board for the entire program. Visit the Small Firm Scholarship web page for more information.

12. Additional questions?

Visit our web page at or email us.